How to save electricity: 25 simple, but that advice

Reduce the consumption of energy of less than a quarter is absolutely real. Turn off the light, wash the window, do not overload the washing machine the machine, replace the incandescent bulbs... Calculations indicate that it is really cost-effective.

Energy saving

Don't miss the light wasted

  1. Turn off the light, going from room to room. Install heat sensors of the movements that turn off a light behind you.
  2. Use the local lighting: lighting, floor lamps, sconces. For example, for each time that does not include the main sources of light, in the room of the best to install led lighting of the ribbon.
  3. Remember that the cleaning of a savings deposit. A window is dirty and dust panels reduce the level of lighting in the interiors of up to 35%.
  4. When the repair note that the light walls and furniture will reflect up to 80% of the flow of light and dark that only around 12%.
  5. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving and led light. The only replacement lamp will save about 1 000 rubles a year.

Properly, use electrical appliances

  1. If you do not have two-price energy counter, unplug all the electrical appliances in the night, and chargers — after the complete filling of the technique.
  2. The refrigerator should defrost regularly, if there is a special system No Frost. Make sure that the device was as far as possible from the heating apparatus and ensured that the natural ventilation of the rear wall. Put in it only cooled down to the dishes!
  3. Electric kettle
  4. Supervise the operation of the burners of the electric stove and put in them is only suitable for the size of the dishes in the background.
  5. Cover pots and pans with lids: reduce the loss of heat almost three times.
  6. Try not to overload the washing machine (excessive use increases the consumption of electricity of up to 10%), and use the average of the temperature. In the wash at 30 degrees, it consumes 35% less energy than washing at 40 degrees.
  7. Use electric kettle instead of electric heaters for the heating of water. So it will be much more economical. Boil only the amount of liquid that is needed in this moment.
  8. Periodically clean the fan and air conditioning filters.
  9. Things that require low temperature, to dry out after the disconnection of the iron.
  10. Do not leave the technique, including the presentation, televisions, computers, scanners, printers, modems, in the standby mode. This will allow you to save more than 200 kwh per year.
  11. Use power outlets with a timer.

Buy energy-saving appliances

  1. All electric appliances are marked with Latin letters A+++ to G. Choose the technique with the class low energy consumption, labeled A and B.
  2. Buy appliances that use the latest energy-saving technology. For example, all of the most popular we make an induction hob, heating only the bottom of the pot and do not provide the energy that is wasted. The efficiency of the plates reaches up to 95%!

Install two-tariff counter

Infrared heater

Two-tariff counter saves on the night. These counters at the expense of those who can use the energy consumption of the appliances: a dishwasher and washing machine, bread maker — from 23.00 to 7.00. On average, the counter is offset per year.

Do not miss the heat in vain

  1. In place of a traditional heater use the air conditioner is set on heating mode. If this allows the manufacturer, of course. Many air conditioning cannot be used at temperatures below zero.
  2. Infrared heating economic the rest in 30% -80%.
  3. If home installed electric batteries, try to keep it clean so that the powder is not absorbed the greater part of the heat and not having to increase the temperature.
  4. Using the water heater, lower the temperature of heating of water.
  5. Replace the package of water heater in the gas flow. So you will not have to expend energy in the constant maintenance of the specific temperature of water.
  6. We heat the water only when necessary. Disconnect the boiler from the electrical mains when you are away from home and at night.
  7. Once every three months, clean the water heater exhaust, which increases the energy consumption by 15 to 20%.
    • Disconnect the device from the mains and close the water supply.
    • Fully drain the water.
    • Remove the lid of the boiler caution disconnect the cables and remove the thermostat.
    • Loosen the nuts that hold the flange. Push the flange up, turn it and pull it out.
    • Now you can clean the heating element-brushed metal. Get rid of the plate, the help and the solution of acetic acid and hot water (1 : 5). Simply place the heater in 30 minutes and carefully so that the rubber seal is not in contact with the acid.