The event model of energy saving

The article details a list of all the models of organization of energy saving activities.

The model of organization of activities of conservation of energy

  • The designation of the person responsible for the financing of activities of conservation of energy
  • Training in the field of energy saving and improve the energy efficiency of personnel responsible for the financing of activities of conservation of energy
  • Incentives for the staff in the energy saving
  • The improvement of the order of work of the institution and the optimization of the functioning of the systems of lighting, ventilation, water supply
  • The introduction of the graphics on and off of lighting systems, ventilation, heat, air curtains, etc
  • The rationing of energy consumption
  • The designation of the persons responsible for the control of turning on and off of the systems
  • Organization of the work of exploitation of the lamps, clean them
  • To educate students and employees on the issues of energy saving
  • Campaign in the field of energy saving
  • The development and implementation of a system of incentives to employees of the institution for the actions aimed at energy saving
  • The increase of technical knowledge in the field of energy-saving of certain categories of staff of the institutions of
  • The creation of a system of management of the


The model of technical activities of energy saving

The electrical supply system

  • The installation of load switches before the packing of power transformers
  • Repair of losses of switching equipment and the power
  • Replacement of fuses of oil switches on vacuum
  • The replacement of obsolete transformers modern
  • The reduction of electric energy losses in the cable networks
  • Reduction of energy losses by improving power factor
  • The increase of the load factors of energy consumers and substations and the restriction of idling
  • The maintenance of the voltage levels in the networks
  • The uniform distribution of the loads on the phases of the
  • Equipment of electric power systems of systems of monitoring of consumption of electric energy
  • The reduction in the number of personal appliances (kettles, coffee makers, electric kettles, etc)
  • Optimization of time-of-use of office equipment
  • The use of frequency regulation of pumps of systems of water supply
  • The introduction of the energy saving stoves the electric kitchen, plates
  • The installation of temperature control units in the heating systems, electrical

The lighting system

  • Reduction in the consumption of energy in the goal of enlightenment through the reconstruction of an existing system of lighting by installing energy efficient light sources
  • The reduction of the scope of application of luminaires with incandescent lamps and their replacement by luminaires with fluorescent lamps
  • Replacement of fluorescent lamps ancient lamps of new generation with less power
  • The replacement of the traditional systems of lighting led
  • Replacement electro-magnetic regulating devices of fluorescent lamps, more reliable and efficient electronic
  • The coloration of the walls of the local in a few shades lighter
  • The decentralization of power of the lighting through the installation of several of the switches and half of the square of the illumination in the areas of

The heating system

eco-friendly technology

  • Preparation of manuals of operation, administration and maintenance of heating systems, periodic control on the part of the institution's administration of the application
  • Equipment of systems of heating of devices of accounting
  • Hydraulic internal adjustment of a heating system
  • Annual chemical cleaning of the internal surfaces of heat to the heating system and the heat exchangers
  • The automation of the heating systems of the buildings through the installation of individual hot spots (IPS) with the regulation of the presentation of the heat
  • The lifting of ornamental fences with the radiators of the heating
  • The installation of the reflectors behind the radiators of heating
  • Installation of shutoff valves a thermostatic valve on the radiators of heating
  • The replacement of a pipe of system of heating of two under any circumstances
  • Installation of curtains thermal

The hot water system

  • Preparation of manuals of operation, administration and maintenance of the systems of hot water supply, a periodic control on the part of the institution's administration of the application
  • Automation of the regulation of the system of hot water supply
  • Software recovery of water in the sanitary hot water system
  • The reduction of consumption through the optimization of costs and the regulation of the temperature
  • Equipment systems, supply of hot water on the counters of consumption of hot water
  • The reduction of heat losses during the transportation by pipelines through the insulation
  • The introduction of thermal insulation of pipes on the basis of extra-fine insulating coating
  • The economic use of folding of the valve
  • The reduction of costs and water losses

The consumption of water

  • Replacement of wear and tear of steel pipelines of water supply
  • The introduction of systems of water supply
  • The implementation of the systems of water treatment
  • The economic use of folding of the valve
  • The reduction of costs and water losses

The heat recovery

  • The implementation of the heat recovery in the building
  • Improving the energy efficiency of dryers facilities

The ventilation system

  • The optimization of the functioning of ventilation systems
  • The disconnection of the ventilation of the premises during the lunch time and during office hours
  • Use of the lock of the fan of the air curtain with the opening mechanisms of doors
  • The replacement of the obsolete fans of low efficiency in the use of modern, higher efficiency
  • The replacement of obsolete drives ventilation with low efficiency in the use of modern, higher efficiency
  • The application of frequency assignment, regulation of the speed of rotation
  • The use of devices for automatic regulation and control of ventilation installations in function of the temperature of the outside air (even with the use of vfd)

The air conditioning System

  • Turn on the air conditioner only when necessary
  • The exception of overheating and supercooling of the indoor air
  • Keep in a state of operation of the regulators, the surfaces of the heat exchangers and equipment

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The pumping stations

  • The modernization of pumping units
  • The modernization drive of the pump
  • The stabilization of the pressure in the hydraulic systems

The compressed air system

  • The implementation of an automated system of control of process of production of compressed air
  • The decentralization of the supply of air
  • The introduction of the installation of drying of air compressed in the compressor station
  • The modernization of compressors of refrigeration machines

Electrical machinery

  • The introduction of welding inverters, microprocessor control schemes
  • The minimization of the electric energy losses in the machine hardware of the breaking of the bow
  • The modernization of the rectifier aggregate of galvanic plot
  • Implementation of facilities of high-temperature heating of the mixture of materials

Building and protect the structure of the building

  • The reduction of heat losses heat through the windows by the installation of a third glass or pvc film between the frames in the space of the windows
  • Reduction of heat losses through windows by installing efficient which reflect the transparency in the glass windows
  • Additional double glass cover of polycarbonate cell
  • The improved thermal insulation of facades, floors, walls, floors, and attics, roof, etc
  • The reduction of heat losses heat through the completion of the joints between the panels of the houses
  • The hidrofugacin of the walls (hydrophobic coating of the walls)

The boiler rooms and power plants

  • Preparation of manuals and safety cards, operation, management and maintenance of the equipment and the periodic monitoring of the institution's administration of the application
  • The maintenance of an optimal factor of excess of air, and a good mix with the fuel
  • Install a pump surface water from the economizer of the boiler
  • The use of heat sources of the aggregation of facilities deep heat recovery, facilities of the utilization of latent heat of vaporization output of combustion gases (heat exchanger contact)
  • The increase of the temperature of feed water at the entrance into the drum of the boiler
  • Water heating feed water in the heat exchanger
  • Content in the cleaning of interior and exterior of the heating surfaces of the boiler
  • The cleaning of the fouling of the interior surfaces of the boiler heating the boiler by the method of
  • The use of heat in the secretions of boilers by the extraction of hot air from the top of the zone of boiler, conferences and the presentation of your suction line of the fan drive
  • External thermal insulation and internal surfaces of the boilers and the ducts, the seal of the valves and of the tract of boiler (the temperature on the surface of the lining should not be difficult to exceed 55 degrees c)
  • Installation of systems of accounting of costs of fuel, electricity, water and the holiday heat
  • The automation of the management of the boiler room
  • The use of frequencies of the unit for the regulation of the speed of rotation of the pumps, the fans and the snails
  • Translation of steam boilers in water-heating mode
  • Translation of vapor from the water heating system
  • Rational of the load simultaneous boiler
  • The installation of the cogeneration installation (mct)
  • Installation of a system to return condensate
  • The installation of a dilator continuous purge and the heater of raw water
  • Repair boiler lining


  • The translation of a petrol car to gas
  • Maintain uniform air pressure in tires

Accounting of energy

The clean technology

  • The introduction of automated technologies of information-measurement systems (goals) take into account the heat and electricity
  • Improvement and expansion of systems of exchange of technological information
  • The creation of a centre of collection and processing of data

Saving energy in the company is one of the most pressing issues facing the industry. This is related to the constant increase in the cost of electricity and other energy products. The production spent its finance of raw materials and materials, fuel, labor exploitation, but the most expensive is the payment of energy on the component.

Energy-saving measures, that will happen in your company will allow you to grow considerably reduce the costs of energy and therefore positively affect the technical-economic indicators of work of the company or of the production. This is immediately seen in the increase of profitability and improvement of competitiveness of production at the expense of reduction of costs of production or services.