Energy savings — the need or tribute to the current trends?

Will it be a normal man reading the article about the energy saving? Yes, of course. If only in the school of your child's summary will make a topic or suddenly to write a diploma necessary.

Energy saving

In rare cases, the cause of this reading for leaders can be a savings of money invested in the supply of energy in the buildings. In all, the plan for most of us, saving energy is something abstract and very few people think about the relationship between their actions and their consequences to the surrounding world.

But, why are these items stubbornly keep writing. Here we are is no exception. It may be, the topic is still important and someone is a way of getting to us? Let's see. And start we offer with what is saving energy and the tasks it solves.

The energy saving is a set of measures of efficiency and conservation of expense of fuel, energy resources.

That is to say, the task is clear – to preserve the resources of the planet.

Why save money and conserve resources?

A large amount of loss of the electricity we have is that non-renewable natural resources. That is to say, of the essence of every lit bulb is less than a certain amount of minerals. And every one in vain lit the light bulb is a waste unforgivable.

Coal, oil, gas, when someone is exhausted in the planet Earth.

There are, of course, is the energy of the sea, the sun, the wind and the subsoil, but remember, if a lot is known of the productions, which operate in a stable way, let's say, in the solar battery? Until its negligible (assume that there is none) and let's be realistic – it is unlikely in the near future in new technologies displace old, and oil and gas extraction is going to be at a minimum. And the process of energy consumption is not stopped and on the contrary, increases.

With the increase of industrial development and the generation of energy in different ways, it emits a large amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the surface of forests that absorb CO2, inevitably, is reduced. This is the main cause of global warming.

And here again we turn to some abstract concepts. Apparently, where we are and where the global warming? And as it comes to us, in general refers to?

We are referring to. All

Conservation of natural resources

The global warming leads to irreversible changes in the climate of the planet. Experts in the study of climate in their reports assert categorically that mankind in general, it's time to stop extracting minerals. This applies especially to china, the united states, countries of the european union and india. These countries offer the maximum amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Russia has not yet fallen into the black list, but only due to the fall in the production of the 90-c. However, the problem affects everyone, as well as the pollution of the atmosphere influences the climate of the entire Earth as a whole. And every country here contributes. And in fact every one of us. The consequences of this "contribution".

Effects of climate change on the planet

The glaciers are melting, the sea level rises, the ecosystem goes out of balance and increases the overall temperature of the planet. The consequences that this implies?

The floods and rains

If the water level will rise even further, although it is in the meter, then many of the islands become the story. The line of coast postponed depths of the continents. This natural disasters inevitably cause the death of people and animals.

Hurricanes, droughts, forest fires

More will africa, in which already there is not enough drinking water. But in many continents have disappeared, the small rivers and lakes. A chain will start the other disappears, a habitat for a great variety of living organisms. Therefore, also disappear or migrate.

The spread of disease

With the increase of the temperature occurs, the migration of insects and animals, who seek more comfortable habitat conditions. With them I am going to spread and the disease, including those that has not yet been found the drug. This implies the spread of epidemics.

Harshest of the winter

Although it may seem strange, but the violation of the eco-balance of the more bizarre affected the changes of the weather conditions. In some countries, the winters are on the contrary more serious, and is an additional charge of energy.

The fog, the increase of volcanic activity and other disasters

Natural hazards will not be the exception, but the rule. And the presence in the air of pollutants as it now leads to diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, bronchitis, suffer from allergies. If you still!

The conservation of energy

That can we do?

I do not see a direct relationship between dying of floods or suffer from droughts and inefficient consumption of energy? Yes, the relationship is not evident. But now you know exactly what that is. As well as there is a relationship between what that throws a cigarette butt in the street in front of the urn and piles of trash to the sides.

If every one is going to think of others and to think that their personal involvement can't do anything, then the next generation will receive from us the precarious inheritance.

We are not going to resemble the Marquise de pompadour, and his famous "After us the deluge!" We will be more intelligent. Let's behave like civilized people, and not just renamed them. And we will start with the efficient use of the resources that we have.

In this blog we will talk about how to improve the energy efficiency in production facilities, warehouses, car parks, offices, educational institutions, yes, and only in private homes. Practical tips, recommendations, and design workshops of energy efficiency projects – this is our contribution to the cause. We will respond by the light bulbs, the light and the systems that we design.