How to save electricity in a private house: tips and little tricks

How to save electricity in a private house? In his own home, the owner must spend additional funds on outdoor heating and lighting. Therefore, so that there is not a great difference between city budgets and "private" ones, it is necessary to start optimizing energy consumption. You can save money with a few tricks, a simple reduction in consumption and changing the meter.

The main ways to save

ways to save electricity in a private house

There are legal and illegal ways to save money. Illegal options should not be resorted to due to immorality. These "savings" are considered fraudulent. In this regard, when checking the owner can be convicted. However, in the private sector, accountant checks are performed very infrequently.

How to save electricity in a private house - tricks:

  • use ground connection;
  • rationalize energy consumption by replacing old equipment with new;
  • use energy-saving lamps;
  • to teach family members to constantly turn off lights and electrical appliances;
  • avoid the "standby" state of electrical appliances;
  • using a loophole in the old counters, stop the drum;
  • exclude the meter from the mains;
  • install a multi-rate meter;
  • use a strong magnet;
  • use a battery;
  • create a smart heating system.

All the points are detailed below.

Old Counter Tricks

If the meter is old, it's easy to unplug it, ground it, or use a magnet. But the easiest way is to use a thin cable. The algorithm is as follows:

  • a thin hole is made in the counter top;
  • a thin wire is inserted into the hole;
  • the wire locks the drum and stops rotating, that is, electricity no longer counts.

This method is illegal. Other techniques that can be used on an older instrument are magnetization and grounding.

Use a magnet to save money

Legacy models do not have a stamp to prevent magnetization. However, this does not eliminate the risk that a verification team will appear in the private sector that will verify the level of magnetization of the meter. Factory devices have a neutral magnetic field, and those in which the trick was used with a magnet, changed. Therefore, this method should be used with caution.

Use only strong magnets: neodymium to change the readings. They are easily amortized: small parts in a set of 20. It costs about 1000 rubles. Neodymium magnets are sold in a special hermetic box, which is not a coincidence: magnetic elements are easily attracted to iron from a distance of 30 cm or less. To disconnect the magnetic strip from the iron, there must be fabric or foam between these elements.

How to save electricity in a private house with a magnet? The magnet needs to be wrapped in cloth and then placed on the meter. To prevent glass elements from breaking and dents from appearing in the case (the magnet is attracted very quickly), you need to place your hand between the counter and the neodymium when lifting it and then slowly remove it.

Ground connection for meter bypass

How to save electricity in a private house with ground connection? The zero contact is closed in the electrical circuit of the energy meter and transmits information about the energy consumed. If the zero contact is grounded, the count will stop counting. In apartment buildings, grounding is complicated - the wire can only be diverted to the residents' water supply located under the elevator. This is fraught with electric shocks. In private homes, it is enough to bring the cable to the ground.

Energy efficiency and replacement of electrical appliances

The main factor to save electrical energy is the optimization of its use. The owner of a private home should learn to:

  • turn off the light in the rooms you're leaving, even for a short time;
  • disconnect electrical appliances that do not work permanently;
  • chooses the correct technique.

The technical equipment of the house, both the wiring and the electrical appliances themselves, must be modern. Modern appliances use half the energy. To save electricity, it will be rational to buy energy-saving lamps. They cost more than incandescent bulbs, but they are brighter. They pay off quickly, because they consume several times less energy.

Light needs special attention. When working at a desk, turn off the ceiling light and leave the desk lamp on. At dusk, it is enough to use not the maximum mode of the lamp, but 1-2 lamps. To save money, dimmers are suitable - circular switches that allow you to adjust the level of lighting.

Many electrical appliances are constantly in a "standby" state. They are plugged into an outlet, they consume a small percentage of energy, but they do not perform any function. Televisions, microwave chargers, computers, if not in use at this time, should be turned off.

Multiple rate counters

Updated counters work at different speeds. Depending on the region, there are two or three modes: day and night or day, afternoon and night. Depending on the mode, kilowatts of power cost differently. Since cogeneration plants generate 30% less energy at night, the rate per kilowatt is reduced at night. Therefore, washing machines, space heaters, and air conditioners must be turned on at night. This is especially true for houses with an electric boiler, if there is no gas for heating.

Alternative method: save on battery

How to save electricity in a private house using a battery? The simple method involves replacing most accessories with battery-powered LEDs. At night or at night, a portable battery-operated lamp is enough to walk to the street, walk from the front door to the house and walk to the bathroom. This is an inexpensive variation of motion sensors - the lights only come on when you move around the house and there are no additional costs to install the sensors.