Saving energy is important!

All of our daily life related to the use of many devices, provide us with comfort. But, unfortunately, the ecology, its use deteriorates. Therefore, nowadays it is a very serious issue of the reduction of the electricity costs.

Tips for energy efficiency

Energy saving allows to reduce the consumption of natural resources, which are not infinite, to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and, therefore, would contribute to the conservation of our rivers, lakes and forests. And, of course, the energy saving allows to reduce considerably the expenses city, with very good - because the price increases continuously.

And if every person begins to save energy in your home, you receive the benefit not only him, but all over the country.

Tips for energy efficiency

Before you begin to save electricity, it is necessary to determine what are the appliances that consume more energy, and your operate.


One of the main consumers of electricity in the home. The fridge runs constantly, which ensures the freshness and integrity of food deterioration. But if used properly, electricity is going to spend more than you need.

Usage tips

Correctly install the refrigerator. What should not be placed close to the stove or out of the battery and on the sunny side of this starts to work more and increases the energy consumption in the times. Nor do you have to put it against the wall, this overrides the air flow and will lead to overheating.

Some additional tips to energy savings

Monitor the temperature, exposed in the refrigerator. If it is switched on almost without stopping, you should be less cold. It is not a very significant impact on the shelf life of the products, but that will help you to save electricity. The products that deteriorate more quickly, better put near the wall of the fridge, where the temperature is below.

Defrosting something, do it ahead of time: remove the frozen product in the freezer and place it in the chiller on the top shelf — products are going to "help" to work, the refrigerator, saving energy.

Do not place hot food in the refrigerator, and not leave the door open, try of their frequency, do not open. All this will also ensure that he will be more likely to connect and consume more energy.

Regularly defrost the refrigerator. The ice in the refrigerator, not cools, but, on the contrary, works as a thermal insulator. Therefore, a refrigerator is necessary to thaw, preventing the education of ice "coat of skin".

Electric hotplate

One of the most wasteful appliances. It heats and cools more intensive use of energy. Therefore, the proper management of the electric hob is one of the power saving modes. And in the preparation of the food, you can save significantly.

Usage tips

Do not place the stove and refrigerator in the kitchen to the side. You will receive a considerable increase of the public expenses for the account of the emptiness of the loss of energy in the additional cooling of a device, and heating of the other.

Cook food to a simmer. In most cases, the powerful, the heating is not necessary. Typically, the liquid is required just bring to a boil, and then cook the food to a simmer. Use the residual heat stove: turn off the stove for 10 minutes prior to the preparation of the food.

Use containers with bottom, that is equal to or slightly exceeds the diameter of the cooking zone electric stoves. Not worth to use kitchen utensils less of the circumference, and allow the cooking area "heated air".

The bottom of the pots and pans should be smooth, well fitted to burner. Dishes with problems of background can lead to an excessive consumption of energy up to a 40% -60%.

When cooking close the lid of the pot so that it is not lost the additional heat. When cooking with the lid open for the consumption of electricity increases in two and a half times. And even if the lid open slightly the electricity consumption of all modes will be greater than when it is closed.

When the cooking of the vegetables, pour in a small pot of water. Its optional fully cover the water. And less water.

Heat plates, and in some cases to prepare, cheap in valencia. Less energy is consumed. In addition, the food will be prepared faster.

Washing machine (drying) machine

Thanks to a powerful engine and a high-speed, washing machine consumes a large amount of electricity. When you select a machine, just like other appliances, choose the technique of the class. Is the consumption of energy more economic.

Usage tips

macerari the clothes before washing. The dirt faster away from the clothes inside, and will need to be washed in the washing machine a couple of times.

Use a full download of the machine. To load the tank of the washing machine only half of the 50% of your power is consumed in a vacuum. But the overload of the machine also is not necessary. Too large amounts of clothing, as the load, involves additional costs for the payment of public services.

Washing at a temperature of 30°c instead Of the usual 40°c allows for a 40% saving of energy. The wash quality remains the same, because modern detergent powders are designed to make it more efficient to wash clothes at low temperatures. Do not buy too much foam detergents.

The excessive use of mode of drying may also become a factor of inefficiency in the use of electricity.

Remove clothing from the dryer a bit damp. This will improve the drapability fabric and to facilitate ironing. And by the way, it's too dry or too wet clothes fall to caress more than a little bit of water and, therefore, there is a greater consumption of energy.


It is advantageous to the fact that it is a very cost-effective way of spending the water. For example, for the washing of the 12 – 14 sets of dishes in the machine of 14 to 18 litres of water, while in the manual mode, wash – around 60 litres.

Usage tips

Use a full download of the machine.

Clean the dishes of the great contaminants, prior to the load in the machine.

If your car is the mode of average load, use the washing of a small amount of kitchen utensils.


Modern televisions are characterized by a low consumption of energy, however, the application of the elementary rules in its use allows to reduce even more the energy consumption.

Usage tips

If you are using a tv to listen to music, turn off the image.

Try always to turn off the tv, even when you leave a room in the 5 - 10 minutes. Do not allow that the television has worked in vain, it has been used as a background sound.

The team

The teams that consume an incredible amount t of energy, without more, is often required to stay included the da. Therefore, if there is choice, it is best to use a laptop instead of a computer is much more economic.

Usage tips

Use the power saving mode team work is in any operating system.

It makes No sense to constantly turn on and turn off the computer if the computer is being used throughout the day. This negatively affects their performance. However, during the work breaks, it is recommended to turn off the monitor of the computer.

The peripheral devices, such as printers and scanners, should be included in the network, only when needed.

The heater.

During the cold season is the main consumer of electricity. And he not only is a lot of consumed electricity, but and dries the air. If the heat of a conventional system of heating is not sufficient, then think about the options of protection against the cold.

Tips conservation of heat in the house

You can close up cracks and holes in the home, through which heat, hot the floor and windows, wash the oxide battery, or install more.

Can be installed in the house of plastic windows. Retained about twenty percent of the heat in the interior. This means that the heater will not have to use it at all, or include much less.

Properly ventilate the room. To do this it is necessary even in a period of time of heating. Constantly open glass, surprisingly, calm, but not air out the room. Use the aeration - in a few minutes widely open all the windows. The air can change, and the interior surfaces will remain hot. This will help reduce the loss of heat and does not include heating, to recover the heat. And, by the way, turn off the heater at the time of ventilation.

Some additional tips to energy savings

Use appliances of class A

When buying appliances, choose energy-saving model marked A, A+, A++.

Do not leave electrical appliances in standby mode

Do not leave included in the socket of a tv, microwave, light bulbs, cooking technique, and other appliances. Even in the standby mode of appliances absorb energy.

Use the residual heat from appliances

For example, in the iron stores of the residual heat, which is enough in a few minutes irons. Ironing board with heat Reflector - it is also a great way to save energy.

Turn off the electric stove for a few minutes before the preparation of the food. To the left in the burner, the food itself will come before the preparation.

Use interernie lighting solutions

When used in the interior of the tones, reduces the amount of electricity needed for lighting. If the floor and walls make clear, they help to visually expand the space and improve lighting. For example, a smooth white wall reflects 80% of the rays dark-green of the surface of the da only 15% of the light, the black, the 9 %

Don't forget natural light

The use of sunlight is one of the most important savings of electrical energy. To do this, in the home they prefer light walls and curtains. It is not worth to open a new window, that is, in order not to hinder the penetration of light in the rooms. By the way, a window dirty consume up to 25% of the light of the day. To not spend the financial resources of unnecessary lighting, keep your glass windows constantly in the cleaning.

Use equipment of low fuel consumption for the lighting of the

Replace light bulbs with energy efficient or led lamps. Consume energy, sometimes less than traditional incandescent bulbs, and are much longer.

And, by the way, limit the indoor use of the objects of the illumination of dull and dark glass. Will they cover up the light and force you to use bulbs of higher power.

Use the illumination of the reg

Install in the room several lamps: on a reading chair, near the bed, in the writing/computer desk. Agree, there is no need to illuminate the whole room, enough to illuminate only those areas separate. For these purposes, you can use lower wattage bulbs, which usually put in the main of the araa.

Clean the lighting from dust and dirt

With time, the bulbs, the monitors of the screen or the tv, the dust of the plaque, because of this, the light emitted by them, begins to threaten this scenario. To avoid the excess of electricity for this reason, periodically clean the surfaces of the lighting apparatus, wash the ceilings, the light fixtures and chandeliers.