Experience in the use of E-Energy

My knowledge with E-Energy

Taking the picture

Hello friends! Not long ago, I ordered this device to save power E-Energy. Account with a regular outlet yes not all, but all in order!

I have a garage in which I love to spend free time, but in the winter it is very cold and the battery will freeze. To the heater worked all day? There is no money, the money is not enough! And when I met with the publicity of this wonder of technology, I realized that it is my choice and I started to think!

Time is simply the shotgun, to examine the product completely, and I quickly made an order through the official site E-Energydue to the 50% discount in the road no longer rolls. To the word, before that on the internet, I have bought only train tickets, so they survived delivery, but it was in vain. Immediately after the order with me contact manager, and even after a week of shipping notice.

How to use the taught me the statement! It is very simple:

  1. You must first insert in the network of our intelligent gadget;
  2. Then, connect the electronics;
  3. All! Now you can adjust the timer of automatic disconnection of the power!

Compared, as the power difference is remarkable: nearly a fourth part, which is very happy and allows you to save on electricity bills up to the day of today!

And this is all! I hope that my experience in the use and application of E-Energy it will be useful to you! Definitely, advise!