Instructions for use E-Energy

The statement and the application of E-Energy

The answers to the questions

The control of the leakage of electricity in italy, only start to gain popularity. And to learn how to use the device for saving energy, simply read the following instructions of use.

  1. Connect smart socket to the network. This will ensure power supply so that it can actively save your money, without tying up a large amount of energy;
  2. Then, reconnect the device, which should have the power of the network. A good example of devices are stereo systems, printers, scanners, or other electronic devices, such as television, the computer or the gaming system;
  3. Now your smartphone from the wall outlet must be connected and ready to start saving your money. Take a look at her — try to turn on the device connected to it.

The general safety rules

Please read this manual carefully before use!

  • Do not expose this product to moisture, dust or extreme temperatures;
  • Do not attempt to open the product box. In the interior there are no parts reparable by the purchaser;
  • Do not attempt to repair yourself, if your device does not work correctly, disconnect the product from power and contact the technical support service;
  • Supervise young children, so that they do not play with the product;
  • Do not expose to chemicals, oils, or other fluids.
  • Do not drop or subject the unit to shocks;
  • Unplug the apparatus during lightning storms or when not used for a long time.

The answers to the most common questions

Question The answer
How much in reality the saving of energy, when it is connected to a power outlet E-Energy? Depending on the time that the connected device is not used, normally, the difference is more than 10%.
Can I install multiple electrical outlets in the house? Of course, it is better to fill the whole house, then the effect of the visibility and saving more.
And if there are in these devices of protection against fire? If it is connected in the device to save power, the gadget is completely off, the fire can only be started due to the poor quality or the old of the posting.
How many days will it take for delivery? in italy, the delivery of 5 to 10 days.
Do you have warranty? Warranty of 24 months.
Are there any contraindications for the application of devices? No, there is only testimony - the desire to save on electricity, and that will take care of the nature!